Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Three Days of Women Talking Risk, Infosec and Cyber

Something happened to the rest of my summer.  I never got back here to blog on volatile issues like both political conventions, or the natural disasters across the country that must be connected to climate change, or even to talk about the long chapter on root causes of conduct that I finished.

But I've stepped away for a few days from home and the university, to spend time with about 400 senior women who are immersed in risk, security, privacy issues -- and who are increasingly concerned with what were just called "digital vortexes."

There's a lot of laughter too -- witness a discussion on pseudo-anonymization of data, which deteriorated when one panelist pointed out there were two different styles of trust -- the older panelist left her purse at the table, the younger panelist brought her purse with her to the stage.

I'll be back later to report on some of the other sessions here at the conference.  As a speaker just said, "We compartmentalize but also collaborate better than the other half of the planet."''

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