Thursday, May 21, 2015

ASA is six years old

ASA Graphic Designer Jesse Brown
Me and my closest advisor, Lauren Du Graf, wrote all the content for the site, found and furnished the ASA office, and double checked all our perceptions on what this website should be between May and July.

First and Union website developers: Sherry Stripling, Rick New, Molly Martin
My friend Fred Pursell told me that it takes six years to establish a consultancy, and it appears he was right.  After a month long train ride around the country to spend time with friends and decide what I wanted to do next, I filed for articles of incorporation for ASA in May of 2009.  The percentages of my time allocated to various parts of the firm have varied these past six years, but never the two sides of the company.  There is the advisory side of the firm, where we consult with clients that are part of the nation's critical infrastructure; and there is the research side of the firm, including the ASA Institute for Risk and Innovation, that includes publications, public speaking and advocacy and, in some cases, lobbying on behalf of legislation or public policy.

I've really never looked back.  And while I am cutting back on the advisory side of the firm in order to teach full time at the University of Washington starting in August, my interest in how firms behave, in how they practice risk management, and in information-sharing between public and private sectors is still unabashed.

 Carpe Diem!  I can't wait to see what the next six years will bring.