Monday, March 3, 2014

On the brink.

Most parts of the country are confronting unprecedented bad weather that just keeps returning -- or, in the case of California, weather whose compensatory qualities for the three year drought and wildfires have extreme side effects, ranging from mudslides to tornadoes.  Dare anyone suggest that climate change is not upon us?

In other parts of the world, political risk has risen to the top of the charts.  The dangerous brinkmanship game now being played by Vladimir Putin will have repercussions in more places than the gas and  oil pipeline he is so interested in protecting. Take a look at these four maps from the New York TImes. I can only hope that U.S. leadership will not use this as an opportunity to flex their cyber command muscles.

We'll stay tuned to this large stories, as we watch another one play out locally -- the fate of the underground tunnel that Big Bertha was supposed to create.  Is it too late for politicians to sit down again with engineers and risk managers and determine whether this is truly the best solution?

Never stop asking.

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