Thursday, January 23, 2014

Discussion & Debate in Amsterdam

No, this is not the conference location.  It is the oldest portion of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

This time next month, I'll just be finishing the final day of the OpRiskWorld conference in Amsterdam -- a conference that offers fresh approaches to familiar issues for those of us who specialize in operational risk.

Here's a partial list of speakers:  "Nick Leeson, who will seek to draw parallels in ethics, corporate culture and management today with the world of Barings in the mid-1990’s; Dr. Simon Ashby who recently issued a paper on governance; Professor Dirk Geldenhuys, a leading industrial psychologist and specialist on people behaviour; Rudi Kleijwegt, Head of Group Compliance at Rabobank,; Larry Wagenaar, Senior Examiner at APRA; Jason Perry, formerly of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and more recently at Black Rock; Evangelos Sekeris, Director of Operational Risk at AON; Carmen Koberstein-Windpassinger, Head of Cross-Sectoral Risk Modelling at Bafin; Michael Sicsic, Head of OpRisk at AVIVA; Anne Snel-Simmons, Head of OpRisk at Rabobank; Hans Grisel, Head of OpRisk at ING; Peter Power, Advisor to HM Government on crisis management; Annie Searle of the University of Washington and Philippa Girling, Head of Business Risk at CapitalOne."

I'm invited because of the writing I do four times a year for The Risk Universe,  a London-based magazine that is now both digital and hard copy.  I expect little of the droning speaker style presentation, and a great deal of lively interchange among conference attendees.  I'll be posting on Twitter and Facebook, especially views of Amsterdam, and then report back in more detail in my March column for ASA News & Notes.

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