Monday, December 2, 2013

Work and think smart during the holiday season

Here's a link to a terrific story in The Street this morning, on the risks that folks run in conducting business transactions (like online banking) over unsecured public wireless platforms.  It seems especially appropriate on the day we call Cyber Monday.

In the chapter called "Online" in Advice From A Risk Detective, I talk more about how to secure your online work, including some of the products that I've found useful to protect against malware and viruses.

Later this week, I'll be talking about securing your home -- and packages that might be arriving --  over the holiday season.  It's time to review the traditions and practices that have become so comfortable, to ensure that you're minimizing your risk both at home and online.

To the left is a comfortable practice that goes back 30+ years: picking up holiday trimmings at the Hunter Tree Farm tree lot in neighboring Wedgwood.  What could make that tradition even more safe?

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