Saturday, September 14, 2013

Cyber bullies

When I spoke at Starbucks last week, I spent roughly half my time on managing critical corporate risk issues and the latter half of the talk on managing personal risk.  The second edition of Advice From A Risk Detective includes a new chapter on managing risks at school, including the one described in this painful New York Times article on cyber bullying and suicide.

The rise of all these new and largely unknown social media applications represents a high barrier for entry to parents who try to help their kids, and to stay connected in their lives.  Note that the mother took the phone away, removed the girl from the school, and took other measures as well.

I have no good answers here, only the usual exhortation to stay closely connected to your child and his/her state of mind.  In the meantime, because of the article, I just learned a bit more through google search about, kik and voxer.  It is hard to keep up, and hard to know how these spread so rapidly for young people, who can lead a whole separate life on these channels.

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