Monday, August 12, 2013

Your car and your home -- what computers have wrought

There's a long column this morning in the New York Times by Nick Bilton that covers nearly everything most people do not want to know about technology and how it impacts other types of private spaces -- our cars and our homes.

Can hackers actually reprogram your car?  What about those convenient home oversight programs that allow you to turn up your heat or check in on your pet?  As the article points out, anything that runs on a computer program can be hacked.  But to what end?  Do computer hackers who work online have the an aptitude for physical robbery?

The question to answer is whether or not you view this type of risk as high.  Most of us do not secure our homes with such computer systems, many of which have mobile interfaces.  If we do use such systems, or if we drive cars that run rather completely on computers, then it is worth it to check with the manufacturer to see what types of security is already in place.

Ironically, we may find that, at least in this instance, technology imperfections will lead us back to improved physical security.

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