Thursday, August 29, 2013

Speaking up and out

Knowledge is really only valuable if you can share it.  I do that at the University of Washington when I teach courses in risk or in technology as it applies to ethics, policy and law.  I do that when I speak at large conferences such as EPCOR (photo above from 2012).  Now I'm going to try to move out past professional and/or corporate audiences into the schools.

The second edition of Advice From A Risk Detective has a new chapter on risks that kids face when they go to school.   When that chapter is combined with the one on technology, it makes for a powerful message for kids growing up with electronic devices that represent previously unimaginable freedom.  I call it the two faces of technology, and want to talk with kids about risks online, bullying, and managing other risks that come with social media.

So if you've got kids in Seattle area middle or high schools, feel free to suggest that I get invited to have a lively, direct and humorous time with them.  I promise you that what they learn on that session can be brought home and applied to your own online life.

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