Monday, May 20, 2013

Earthquakes and the Northwest

The Seattle Times published a good article this morning on the results of scenario tests for the region, based upon various magnitudes of earthquakes. Readers may shiver, but will they actually take steps so that their families are prepared?

Virginia earthquake

There are so many sites where you can go to get a list of what goes into an emergency plan; and what should be part of your emergency kit.  Let me recommend two here: the first is What to Do to Make It Through; and the other is FEMA's own website to help you plan.   

The first chapter of Advice From A Risk Detective also has a list of emergency supplies and items to include in your family's emergency plan.

Earthquakes are serious business. It's likely that homes would be without power or assistance from emergency responders for five or more days if it were a higher magnitude event.  It pays to be prepared.

Contents of our emergency kit, much of which is held in this backpack in the first floor closet of our home.

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