Thursday, February 14, 2013

Microsoft's Global Security Operations Center

Guest speakers for my operational risk class last night were Microsoft chief security officer Mike Howard and Brian Tuskan, senior director of the Microsoft Global Security Operations Center.  What an experience for the graduate students in the MSIM program who attended.
Here's Mike kicking off the presentation which covered all areas included within the security area and the tools that the team has created, putting it head and shoulders above the "guns and guards" image connected with some large corporate operations.  Mike emphasized that running a global security program is a business; and that it's strategy first, using their unique tool set.

 Microsoft has three global security operations centers, and we visited over the internet with each of those centers during class.

 Here, Brian Tuskan lets the operations center personnel get a look at members of my class.
And here's Brian himself, along with his great technical support guy, who got a real workout during the presentation.  Not only did Brian run a real drill and fail the Redmond GSOC over to London, he then called in an incident for the GSOC in charge to route back to Redmond.  We watched the security car take off to the location of the incident while the police were called at the same time.
Cool stuff -- and just a taste of how risk can be managed with the proper tools in a cloud environment.

We're lucky to have such dynamic speakers this quarter in my class.  Last week, we had Bill Longbrake talking about the rise and fall of Washington Mutual.  Next week it's seismologist par excellance, Bill Steele to talk earthquakes.  If I know Bill, there will be at least as much in the way of internet bells and whistles as we saw last night.

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