Thursday, January 10, 2013

Do you have one minute? 5 minutes?

Here's an excellent website created by the Centers for Disease Control that offers a list of simple protective steps you can take, organized by the amount of time each takes.

While I'm here on the site, I wanted to urge everyone who has not yet had a flu shot to get one.  The news on this front is bleak:  emergency rooms are being overrun with very sick people.  Especially if you are out in public often, where others can make you sick, please consider the flu shot.  It takes two weeks to become effective.  While Seattle has not yet reached the levels of stress on the emergency room system that other cities like Boston and Chicago has, the King County Public Health Department issued a warning this morning that covered the last week of December as follows:

“The proportion of emergency department visits attributed to influenza-like illness during week 52 increased for all ages and is now comparable to seasonal peak activity during the last five flu seasons. The proportion of deaths due to pneumonia and influenza exceeded the national epidemic threshold for the second time this season. “

Until the shot is effective, your best strategy is still to wash your hands or use a hand cleaner on a regular basis.  Germs last for up to eight hours on knobs, keyboards, mice, tables, desks and almost any other type of surface you might come into contact with.

I think a number of the other tips will prove useful as well.

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