Monday, November 19, 2012

Take Winter by Storm

An NPR story this morning looked at how emergency planning in California has expanded since the state sent teams to the East Coast to work on response and recovery from Hurricane Sandy.  One of the officials interviewed mentioned that the amount of time it took to restore power (1-3 weeks, depending upon where you lived) after Sandy has changed their notion of what families should set aside as emergency supplies.  It's also caused California to think now about how they might house emergency responders pulled in after a disaster from other parts of the country.

In Seattle, we have a longstanding program called Take Winter by Storm.  The link I've offered here is for putting together an emergency kit that would last a family about 3 days, so you may wish to modify your stockpile accordingly.  The other thing to keep in mind is that, without power, it is hard for a pharmacy to look up your prescriptions, so it's best to see if your doctor will allow you to keep an extra order on hand at home.

In Seattle, we are right now being hit by up to 5" of rain -- so it's important to keep storm drains on the streets outside our homes clear of the leaves that tend to pile up this time of year so that flooding does not occur.

And if you are cursing the rain, please remember that in some other part of the country, others are suffering more than you are.  Compared to storm surge that destroys homes, rain here and snow in the mountains can be considered part of the seasonal cycle we agree to when we chose to live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Stay safe, everyone!

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