Friday, October 12, 2012

Online banking risks

Iranian cyber-terrorists have increased their attacks on American banks as a way to continuously object to the you-tube video excerpt from a film made in this country that dis-respected the prophet Mohammed.  Yesterday Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta called more openly for effective legislation that would cause critical infrastructure business sectors to heighten their security around such areas as water, electricity and transportation. (Banking and finance is considered to be the most sophisticated of all critical infrastructure sectors, and already shares information via its information sharing and analysis center (ISAC).

Despite testimony from military officials and former secretaries of defense, Congress has been unable to agree upon legislation in either the House or the Senate.

How does this affect you?  If you do online banking, then keep a close eye over the next several weeks on your account, and be mindful that online service may be disrupted for some period of time.  And remember that financial institutions have other ways for you to transfer funds and make payments through call centers and/or mobile payments programs...or a walk-in visit to a branch.

Be mindful also of emails you may receive purporting to be from your bank, asking you to validate or provide additional account information.  No legitimate bank will ever ask you for this sort of information via an email.  Don't click on links of any sort involving your banking account, or you may find later that someone has been siphoning off funds.

Most of all, if you are concerned, then let Congress know that it's time to get off the proverbial dime where cyber-security is concerned.

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