Tuesday, August 14, 2012

What you see should be what you get

We're in the process of overhauling our website navigation and content, and adding some new features as well.  The assignment I've had for the last couple of years -- to be sure to get photos of me speaking at conferences -- has not been a complete success.  It's hard in such an environment to get high resolution photos.  See for yourself.

Shared Assessments Summit, Boston, 2011
2007 Critical Infrastructure World Congress Keynote Panel
University of Washington Institute for Innovation in Information Management (I3M)
2007 Seattle Leaders Meeting with DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff
July 2012 Executive Women's Forum

July 2012 NORCOMM-FEMA National Resiliency Conference
November 2011 Hall of Fame induction, with Jacqueline MacBride
Now you can see why we're going to take a shot at recording video this afternoon!  Like everyone else, I like to manage my personal risks.  Lauren Du Graf is in charge of today's project, which is part of the next iteration of our website.

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