Thursday, August 2, 2012

Orders of importance where your data is concerned

Yesterday I posted an article by Walt Mossberg that described four different ways to store your important documents, photos and data so that it is always available, even if your computer fails, or is lost or stolen.

In the first chapter of the book, I talk about how having a fire in our home many years ago has caused me to document the contents of our home photographically and to store that file in the cloud.  I will always be able to retrieve that information from any other computer, so I have also included other files I might need in case something happened to our home -- a file with a list of life insurance policies, and copies of other legal documents that are important.

Please consider taking a day or two to ensure that your data will always be available to you.  Programs like Drop Box make it very easy to ensure you can always find what you need in time of crisis.

And I have one other form of protection:  I use Carbonite continuous online backup to ensure that all of the files on my computer -- not just the ones I have also copied up to Drop Box -- will always be retrievable.

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