Friday, July 27, 2012

Public-Private Resiliency Conference

I spent half of this week in Colorado Springs for a two day resiliency conference sponsored by FEMA and the Northern Command.  The pictures are from the panel discussion I was part of on the final day of the conference, discussing small business preparedness programs sponsored by the American Red Cross (Russ Paulsen is sitting next to me); AT&T (Matt Beattie is third from left); and a new mentorship program created without overhead or fuss by University of Louisiana professor Ramesh Kolluru.  At the podium is Steve Smith, retired admiral who runs the Office of Disaster Preparedness for the Small Business Administration, and who was our moderator.

My job was to say as clearly as I could exactly why small businesses -- most of whom have 100 employees or less and who constitute 99% of all business in this country -- do not feel they have time to become prepared for disasters...even though they, too, can see the numbers.  Somewhere between 25% and 40% of small businesses never come back after a natural disaster.  Why?  Because they are not prepared.

Garry Briese and I are planning to co-author an article that would discuss this conference, what it accomplished, and what we feel the state of resiliency is in this country.  When it's published, we
will be sure to set a link here.

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