Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Combustible risks

Ivar's fireworks over Seattle's Elliott Bay
Wildfires have been ravaging Colorado and several other western states.  Power is still out for over a million people in 100 degree temperatures on the East Coast after a wind and rainstorm knocked down trees that, in turn, knocked down power lines.   It feels like Seattle is definitely the place to live these past few weeks as the rest of the country suffers.

Wherever you live, fire safety should be front and center in your celebrations today -- particularly since most calls for fire fighters today will not be from wildfires but rather from fireworks accidents, illegal fireworks, barbeques gone wrong or banked coals left in unsafe locations.  These are all preventable accidents that can be eliminated from your risk list with a few simple steps.  Here's a link to FEMA's page on summer fire safety for more suggestions about how to minimize your risk on this Independence Day.

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