Thursday, July 12, 2012

ASA's Third Anniversary

Leroy Searle and Lauren Du Graf, both at rest before the launch party begins
This has been a wonderful month, so far.  The sunshine coincides with the re-entry of one of my favorite people in the world.  Lauren Du Graf has been back since late June, and has been working with me to re-imagine how we present my risk consulting firm, ASA.  Since she helped to imagine the firm and write the original content for the ASA website in June/July of 2009, she's ideally qualified to review the past three years of evolution.
The First and Union team built the website:  Sherry Stripling, Rick New, and Molly Martin
It's interesting to see how much has matured, and how much has changed since then.  Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn postings from ASA are now at least a daily occurrence, whereas I don't think we had even set up links in 2009. Last summer when Lauren was back,  she did a first edit and helped find a name for my first book, Advice From A Risk Detective and insisted that I set up a  website from which to offer that and subsequent books for sale.

ASA logo designer Jesse Brown checks out the site.  Jesse also designs ASA's book covers.
Some of the copy we wrote in 2009 was hypothetical, based upon what services we thought the firm would offer.  Now we have a keener sense of how far we've come and what we actually do, and so we are reworking both navigation and content.

From left: Mike Crandall (UW Information School), Annie, Shelby Edwards (now Nike)
One thing that won't change:  our commitment to providing open access to research notes, articles by others, and commentary on articles by others through both "Annie's Take" and through our monthly newsletter, that we are re-naming ASA News and Notes. 

From left:  Molly Martin, Eric Holdeman (Port of Seattle), Al Wilson (Microsoft), Annie
 Once we get all the cleanup done on web content, we'll be cleaning up some of the visual elements as well and implementing new navigation.  I can see another month's work or so in front of me.  I had forgotten just how much I enjoy this part of the work.

Getting after this work now is a great way to slide into what will be our third anniversary on July 20, the date the site went live and 35-40 colleagues came to celebrate with us.

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  1. Thanks for the beautiful glimpse in time-capsule style of where you've been and where you're headed. Inspired, grounded, moving forward; all good things, and so very Annie!