Thursday, June 14, 2012

Traveling light

For those of us who like to do the research before we go, there's an innovation worth noting.

Let's hear it for truly mobile devices with screens large enough to read maps and references without  carrying travel books and maps when we are on the road.  That's my own iPad2 set to Lonely Planet, only one of many useful sites you can refer to in the midst of your journey to plan day trips or get more information on sites you are visiting -- whether it's a lively urban city like New York, or China's Silk Road.  Other online favorites include anything at all from Rick Steves.  (I must confess that, in line with advice that came from a respected professional, I used to remove relevant sections of Rick's thick books so that I did not have to carry the whole book with me when in other countries.)

If you're traveling in another country, it's also worth it always to mark the U.S. State Department sites designed to assist travelers, in order to understand if there are risks you need to take into account.

Wherever you are going, travel light.  And travel safe.

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