Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Locks and keys

I was interested to read a report from Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator Terrie Johnston, who shared some information on recent burglaries in the area.

The police have caught several of the burglars, including one woman who turned to burglary rather than become a prostitute, to support her drug habit.  She took police around and pointed out homes she had broken into -- and "she told detectives that she was surprised how many people leave their house keys out in mailboxes; or on the front porch (she found keys in a pair of shoes on the front porch)."

I know of perfectly intelligent people who also leave their keys under flower pots or paving stones -- but it's worth pointing out that burglars probably watch the same TV shows and read the same books as we do.  So those spots aren't so secret after all.

The woman also told the police that she often looked in windows and could see purses, cash, and electronics left out in plain sight, offering an extra incentive to break in.

The final story was about how a resident left his back door unlocked while he gardened in the front yard.  None of the neighbors or the homeowner saw a thief enter and take cash and prescription medications from a back bedroom.

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