Sunday, May 20, 2012

Home Security 101

Identifying risk around the home is the topic of the first chapter of my book, where  I discuss the pro's and con's of a home security system -- just as does this this home alarm system article.

Having to remember to turn on and off a security system in a timely manner is not everyone's cup of tea.  And, as the article points out, many security system owners leave them turned off much of the time so as not to set off alarms.  But learning to keep the doors and first floor windows locked can become second nature, with a few behavioral tweaks.

Remember the article I posted a week or so ago about locks and keys?  Take the advice on locks and keys then pair it with smart strategies to keep your home safe. That strategy may or may not include the purchase and maintenance costs around an electronic alarm system.

Either way, lock the doors and windows, and don't stash your key where it's easy to find.

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