Saturday, March 10, 2012

RFID cards


I had a great time at Costco headquarters yesterday, presenting as part of the company's "lunch and learn" program.  I got lots of questions and comments, and the identification of a risk that I do not cover in the book:  the risk of walking around with credit cards that have RFID chips in them.  Here's a quick link to All Clear ID for more information on this risk.

When the Department of Licensing delivered my enhanced driver's license to me, it came in a special envelope coated on the inside with aluminum to block the RFID chip from emitting signals to any scanners in the area.  But many of your credit cards may be RFID-enabled so that you can use that technology in a grocery store or gas station.  Though the risk of having your data stolen from signals emitted appears to be relatively low, I am looking into housing my cards in a case that will block the ability to pick up transmissions of data on my driver's license or my credit cards.

I was impressed with the level of questions and intelligence in the room at Costco.  It's clearly a company that helps employees manage their personal and professional risks.

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