Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reflections on Risk is available!

My bronchitis slowed me down a bit, so it is only now that I have remembered to announce our second book, Reflections on Risk, available on amazon as well as via this link.  I am so proud of the four research interns who contributed to the book -- Akshay Bhagwatwar (now a PhD candidate at Indiana University's business school); Shirish Munshi (now with the information security practice of a large national consulting practice; Emily Oxenford (now with the research & analysis practice of a large regional consulting firm), and Andrew Hansen (our current research intern who will take his MSIM degree in June...also the compiler and technical wrestler for the book).  I wrote three of the research notes, commentary on each of them, and an introduction to the book.  The book is out less than four months after we announced that Advice From A Risk Detective is available.

Tomorrow, I'm speaking on work and travel risks out in Issaquah for a  corporate headquarters as part of their "lunch and learn" series.  I'll report back here on how it goes...often I get truly poignant questions and suggestions.

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