Monday, March 5, 2012

Chalk it up to being in a hurry

In my book, I identify 11 travel risks.  In hindsight, I realize I left one out -- the risk of getting ill from airline travel.  It's a crap shoot anytime you fly.  With the quick cleanings that planes receive before they are turned around to deliver you to your destination, you can't count on the fact that germs, bacteria and/or viruses have been eliminated.

You'd think I would remember to carry antibacterial wipes each time I fly, but I ended up short on time to get ready.  I did not carry anything to clean off arm rests and the tray.  I went ahead and pulled out the meals selection from the front pocket without cleaning it off either.  Though I did wash my hands a couple of times, and though it was a lovely flight in most every other way, I ended up with a cold the day before I was scheduled to fly home.

I spent three full days out of commission with a bad cold, including my birthday weekend because I didn't take time to take a reasonable precaution (the wipes). You can be sure that the next time I fly, I'll remember the wipes -- and I will have researched best product for protecting my nasal passages as well.

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