Sunday, February 26, 2012

Go big or go home

Some weeks have more high points than others.  Last week was exceptional.  On Thursday I talked about Advice From A Risk Detective at the Harbor Club for the Women Business Owners monthly meeting.  Lots of laughs, lots of good questions and comments.  It made me see that what I intended is happening -- people will use the book to become better prepared.

On Friday morning, the UPS truck pulled up with the proof for a second book.  It's of enormous pride that initially dividing ASA's work into two areas -- consulting services for clients, and the Institute for Risk and Innovation, where we write and publish, has actually paid off.  Reflections on Risk is mostly the work of ASA's research interns since 2009.  It makes an important contribution to the broader discussion around operational risk.

I am pleased that it arrived it time for me to carry it next week to the Global Associations of Risk Professionals conference in New York, to my business meetings, and then New York University to show the InterCEP team following a Global Risk Network session.

We are out in the world, and loving it.

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  1. Wonderful, Annie. Such forward momentum; such joy: a splendid life indeed!