Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The business of independent publishing

Just as we were putting finishing touches on a second book, I got quoted in an article on book publishing in Business News Daily.  I'm usually luckier than this in quotes -- here it sounds like the only thing I learned was to use both a designer and a typographer.  I actually learned a lot more than that, from other truly great people who worked on the book in addition to its designer, Jesse Brown.  I worked with a total of three readers, but the yeoman work was done by Molly Martin from, who ended up doing the editing.  From Molly, we learned how to be careful on basic consistent style elements across a whole manuscript, and how to move versions along carefully.

For myself, most of all, I learned more about a book's architecture and volume -- and will be applying those lessons while writing what will be a third book that Tautegory Press will publish early next year.

This time around for our second book -- and here's a sneak preview of the e-store page for "Reflections on Risk" -- we did a better job of proofreading from the outset.  We used Jesse Brown to design the cover so that it has that same spare elegance as "Advice From A Risk Detective." And we found a new team member in Stephanie Martindale, the typographer for this book. She'll be doing all our interior work going forward into the third book on the horizon.

The challenge with publishing is of course to find the time to write, promote and market your books. I've been mulling the ironies of having two books I don't have time to market, and that's a discussion I'm taking  to New York this next week when I talk with colleagues who've been doing this a lot longer than me.

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