Wednesday, February 29, 2012

At the Ground Zero Memorial

So many replacement buildings!
Another very close to the site.
The only tree that survived the attacks.
Side of sourth reflecting pool.
South reflecting pool.  There are two pools, each representing the footprint of the towers.
Online reservations to visit are free, and there were a line of people on a cold NY morning.
A little further away from the site, near Vesey.
On the way to the site.
St. Paul's Chapel, which functioned as an emergency medical center for the first days after the attacks.
I had an early morning breakfast meeting in the financial district, so I made an online reservation then picked it up and walked a few blocks to the Ground Zero memorial.  The photos are in reverse order and offer a sense of how much rebuilding there still is to be done ten years later.

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  1. I've not been to the site since 2002; much has changed, yet I am certain the presence of the sacred and profound remain. I recall being stilled to silence; no need nor desire to utter a sound.

    Thank you for posting these images of the rebuilding that is taking place. The lone tree and the two pools touched me deeply.