Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trees, power lines and ice storms

 When we first moved into our home in the late 70s, this Douglas Fir looked like a replanted Christmas tree.  Maybe it was.  Over the years, it has become part of my visual landscape.  It's just outside the windows on the front dormer, where my office is located.

We lost one branch on Monday morning.  Though it looks pretty small here, it is a large bough and made a loud sound when it dropped.  I am hoping it is the only branch we lose in this snowstorm-now-ice-storm. 

Some power lines in the Puget Sound area are now coated with anywhere from one quarter to three quarters of an inch of ice.  The trees have the same problem as the power lines -- the risk is that the weight of the snow and ice combined is so heavy as to cause the line/bough to come down. Estimates are of up to 140,000 homes at this time without power.

So if you're reading this and have not pulled out all your devices to charge, please do so now.  And set up Twitter contacts with your city and your neighborhood blog so you can receive updates on power related issues even if the power is off. 

Above all, if possible, stay inside and stay safe!

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