Sunday, January 1, 2012

Take risks with confidence in 2012

The newspapers yesterday and today are filled with stories about good intentions and new habits.  Those stories are interspersed with news stories that illustrate just  how very difficult it is when political positions harden to effect a compromise that will move the country forward at a time of economic peril, when growth is stalled.

Against those two very different types of reporting, we read almost daily about data security breaches and natural disasters that cause global supply chain issues that affect American manufacturers.  Businesses continue to lay off workers or sit on their capital to wait and see what's going to happen in Washington.  

What can you do to move forward with confidence in such a world?  At the heart of Advice From A Risk Detective is the premise that if you are well prepared, you can manage your personal risk and safety at a different level than those who are unprepared.  "Resilient" means "to bounce back," and that's just what the reasonable precautions described in the book are designed for.

In today's personal blog I described an exercise I undertake each New Year's Day, that helps me establish a better handle on how I use my time and enhance the plans I already have in place.  If you have your own version of such an exercise, I'd love to hear from you.  Such exercises are always works in progress, but provide real momentum forward into the new year.

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