Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Never a dull moment!

Children and adults alike seemed thrilled by the snowfall that has blanketed our area and is now starting to taper off.  Looking ahead, we can anticipate freezing rains unless the temperature rises more rapidly than projected, leaving roads still perilous for travel.  Then once the temperature comes up, the next thing to worry about is flooding.

I know I mentioned this in the book and here on the blog the other day, but keeping the storm drain near your home clear is really important once melting sets in.  Once the snow goes down and you can see the drain, be sure it is free of leaves or other debris that might cause it to back up and allow flooding.

That being said, here's hoping that if you live in the Pacific Northwest you are enjoying the suspension of time that such snowfall brings.  And if you're at work, please be especially careful driving home this evening.

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  1. I am the Queen of Cleared Drains here in Castle Crest II. You can spot me in autumn and winter, clearing the drains around the 'hood with steadfast vigilance!