Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Trojan Horses

Our Internet hosting service sent out a security alert earlier today, concerning a new Trojan virus for which there is yet no quarantine.  I've posted their message below.  Nonetheless, it's a reminder that you should not open emails or attachments from unknown senders, especially if they are already marked as SPAM by filters on your computer. And you should not click on sites that you are not familiar with that may appear while you are in the midst of performing some other transaction on the Internet.
 Do set up your computer to automatically install security updates as well as any operating system patches.  And if you're active on the Internet, it's a good idea to invest in a good antivirus program that will also handle spyware and malware.  
 You can find more details on reasonable Internet precautions in Chapter III of my book.
 In the meantime, here's details of the new "DHL" Trojan virus --
We have identified a potential threat to your email users in the form of a new spam campaign that masquerades as a shipping notification from DHL. Currently, none of the major anti-virus providers are capable of catching and quarantining this message. As such, this scam has the potential to be successful and can have serious consequences. We have manually updated our virus definitions to stop future incoming messages and are working with our providers to ensure protection against this virus. However, you users may already have messages in their inbox.

Therefore, we recommend that you take the following action: • Notify all your email users about this threat • Caution your users not to open any attachments from DHL or any unknown sender • Be aware that this is a rapidly-changing virus. Even if your anti-virus provider lists it as covered, you may still be at risk.

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