Thursday, December 15, 2011

Managing Risk Across the World

Front from left, Rosalita Whitehair, Elizabeth Davis, Oluremi Olowu, Molly Grant, Kelly Discount. Second row: Carmen Rodriquez; Evelyn Rising representing NACWC, Inc.; Rosemary Cloud; Kay Goss; Avagene Moore; Annie Searle; Lisa Orloff. Back row:  Major Darryl Leedom representing Catherine and Evangeline Booth, posthumously; Margaret Verbeek; Susan Diehl-Brenits. Not present for the photograph were Lynn Canton and Dorothy Lewis. Inducted posthumously were First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Eglantyne Jebb. © 2011 inWEM

I just received these photos from the November Hall of Fame Awards Ceremony for the International Network of Women in Emergency Management.  I'm proud of the breadth of the awards across both the public and private sectors, and around the world. The women handing me my award in the photo above is Dr. Jacqueline McBride, who organized the entire program and ceremony.

Not much else to say except for my motto:  "You always get back more than you give."

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  1. I share your pride, Annie. What an honor, truly. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of your book and diving in!