Thursday, November 17, 2011

"Standing on the shoulders of giants"

I flew to Las Vegas last Saturday, to the 59th Annual International Association of Emergency Management (IAEM) conference.  That evening, in an inaugural event, 20 women were inducted into the Hall of Fame for Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management.  There are 14 of us shown in the photo below, all of us standing on the shoulders of those who preceded us -- women like Eleanor Roosevelt (first Civil Defense Assistant Director), the founders of The Salvation Army (represented by the sole gentleman in the photo) or the Save the Children Fund.  Leaders from local, state and federal government,  volunteer, faith and community-based organizations, private and nonprofit sectors, academia and the military joined conference attendees as the awards were presented.
An informal version of the formal photo of honorees.
I was inducted as the "first female emergency management leader in the private sector." Because of the award, I've met women I'll never forget, and am especially grateful for the additional leverage this gives me to mentor women still rising through the ranks.   Here's a photo of the award itself.

Amber flame on clear glass inscribed base, roughly 15" high.
All of which causes me to say once again, "You always get back more than you give."

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