Saturday, November 26, 2011

The risk of too much.

We've just moved into the holiday season.  The media encourages our sense of frenzy, of wanting to purchase things, as if things make us happy.  We make long lists, against the backdrop of a story about gifts brought to a baby in a manger.  If we're not careful, incorporating festivities into our regularly hectic schedules often results in a higher level of personal risk and safety.

We're seeing more studies now on the costs of multitasking without respite.  So it's worth it to make a new set of resolutions for this holiday season.  Slow down. Simplify.  Practice acts of kindness.  Worry less about gifts and more about being grateful for what you have.   Know that others care for you because of yourself and your innate gifts.  Most of all, as we move into the darkest time of the year when the sun is furthest from the earth, find the light and joy within yourself.

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