Thursday, November 17, 2011

Publishing via a new model

This book proof arrived less than 2 hours after I wrote the entry below. 
It used to be that when you had a manuscript ready, you hired an agent to sell it to Harcourt Brace or Random House.  You waited 18-24 months to see the book appear, and these days you would have covered a lot of the costs of publishing the book as well.   This route appears to be a crumbling model.

It used to be that self-publishing was looked upon as vanity publishing designed for miniscule audiences.  Lucky for all of us that things have changed radically as the business of publishing and selling books has evolved.  I did not want to wait 18-24 months and so I've chosen this new model.

I'm publishing this book via, a service of Amazon.  So far the experience has been clean as a whistle. Services that I'm using from createspace will include options to sell the book from my own e-store (now live on this site), or via Amazon, or via extended book distribution.  My book will also be converted to a kindle version option over the next couple of months.  Best of all, the printing is done "on demand," with books shipped within 48 hours of an online order.

I meant this book to be read by both professionals and the general public.  There is not a single acronym in the book.  So for me the challenge (the risk) is to market the book as well as a big publishing house.  We'll give it our best shot.

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