Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Your digital identity

Some of us get so caught up in presenting ourselves on Facebook or Twitter or Google+ that we re-invent our real lives to look good.   Young users don't think so much about looking more interesting or better than they might appear in real lives.  They are busy posting details and photos that are often inappropriate and cause for alarm.

College admissions personnel, job recruiters and the FBI all spend some amount of time qualifying candidates for a variety of reasons.  If you want to get into a good college, don't post photos of yourself drunk or drinking, or in compromising photos.  If you want to get a good job, follow the advice for college admissions, and also refrain from expressing political or religious views when you post.  If you get arrested, be aware that local and federal law enforcement officials are double checking your profile to see whether you exhibit characteristics that would be of interest to the court.

You get the picture.  And soon you'll be able to get the whole book.  This advice is covered in several places in the my new book, but most particularly in Chapter III.

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