Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Travel light

Hitting the Road, 2009
The fourth chapter of my new book is all about traveling light, and with an open mind.  I used the photo above to illustrate what I consider to be the appropriate amount of travel gear, which I carry on to the train or airplane.

I've since found a lightweight Coach briefcase to replace the larger and heavier one shown on the photo.  And I've just packed everything for the next five days in the grey bag.  The briefcase holds a netbook computer, my wallet and a cosmetics bag, a book, work papers and the cables I need to do business virtually.

That's it.  I even figured out a costume for the second night party at the conference -- I'm going as an author, wearing my "Read Local" tee shirt from Seattle 7 Writers; and I'll be handing out bookmarks to market my book at the same time.  I had thought about going as a risk detective, but that would require the magnifying glass, the trench coat and the fedora.  A little too much for Phoenix, I think.

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