Saturday, October 29, 2011

Other risks

Sometimes I forget how small the world is.  My friend and colleague Cathy Allen was at the Scottsdale conference I attended a week ago.  When she heard about the next book I am working on, she introduced me by email to an executive named Marilyn Mason (  Marilyn and I had a chance to speak earlier this week, and I learned a lot.  Our discussion included two other risks  which perhaps I can cover in my next book, a risk primer for executives.

The first is the risk around dying and death, what is usually the absence of a plan or statement of intentions because the deceased just never got around to it.  There are so many issues here, including powers of attorney and designation of another to make medical decisions if necessary.  Advice From A Risk Detective does not cover this risk, though it does discuss the importance of storing such documents in several places.

The second risk not discussed in the first book may come up in this next book focused on executives
it's the risk of wealth, whether sudden, inherited, or earned.  Each of those situations creates a need for planning, usually with a financial planner.

I intend to continue the conversation with Marilyn on a regular basis, and have no doubt that we'll cover even more ground next time around.

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