Thursday, September 22, 2011

Why Don' t More People Take Calculated Risks?

We're in a bizarre, disheartening environment. Not much good news is getting through. The tendency is to hunker down, to play it safe, rather than figure out how to go out on a limb and re-think one's strategy. What works well, despite the economy? What inspires you, outside your job? What pleases you?

None of these questions cost more than time to consider. And you may learn something new about yourself in pondering them. The autumnal equinox is as good a time as any to start.

In the last chapter of my book, using travel as the metaphor, I talk about how the risk of taking no risks is that you stop growing. So start thinking about where you can travel, mentally or literally. Learn something new. Read something that's out of your comfort zone. Invest in a project that's larger than yourself.

Your family and your colleagues will thank you -- you will have become a more interesting person and, I would guess, a happier one as well.

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