Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Other 19 Hall of Fame Members

The full list of inductees for the International Network of Women in Emergency Managment came through this morning.  I am in distinguished company.

1865 – Catherine Booth and husband founded the Salvation Army
1906 - General Evangeline Booth started disaster relief services for The Salvation Army and became the first female General of the Salvation Army in 1934
1919 – Eglantyne Jebb, founded the Save the Children Fund, Jeanne-Aimee De Marrais, Director, Domestic Emergencies Unit, SC
1941 – First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt appointed Assistant Director; the “first
woman in Homeland Security/Emergency Management” (formerly Civil Defense)
1950 - National Association of Colored Women’s Clubs, Inc. (NACWC, Inc (formerly the National Federation of Colored Women and National Federation of Afro-American Women) participated in the first national “Women and Civil Defense” conference in Washington, DC. (President Evelyn Rising)
1981 - Dorothy J. Lewis, International Association of Emergency Managers’ lead liaison for governmental relations and second female President of IAEM
1990 – Margaret Brenda Verbeek, founded the Canadian Emergency Preparedness Association (CEPA), which became IAEM-Canada
1991 - Avagene Moore, emergency management trailblazer and 1987-1988 President of IAEM
1994 - Kay Goss, first female Associate Director of FEMA
1994 - Molly Grant, one of the first Native American females in emergency management 
1994 - Rosalita Whitehair, one of the first Native American female in emergency management
1995 - Lynn Canton, first African American, female Regional Administrator of FEMA
1996 - Mrs. Oluremi Olowu, the first Director of Nigeria's National Emergency Management Agency
2001 – Lisa Orloff, one of first female founders’ of an international emergency management program
2001 – Elizabeth Davis one of the first female founders’ of an international emergency management program
2001 - Annie Searle, first female leader in private sector/industry of emergency management
2002 - Rosemary Cloud, first female African-American Fire Chief
2005 - Susan Diehl-Brenits, first female project manager in emergency management at Con Edison
2005 – Kelly Discount founded EMPOWER, the first modern day organization for women in emergency management
2010 - Carmen G. Rodriguez,  the first female Fire Chief of the Puerto Rico Fire Department - Bomberos de Puerto Rico (BPR).

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