Monday, September 26, 2011

Hall of Fame Award

I've been invited to Las Vegas in November to attend the 2011 Inaugural Induction Ceremonies and the 70th Anniversary Celebration of Women in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, where I'm one of 20 women to be made members of their Hall of Fame

"Mission:  “To honor in perpetuity those women citizens of the United States, its territories and Tribal Nations; and around the world, whose contributions to the field of emergency management and its profession in local, state, tribal, and federal governments; critical infrastructure facilities; voluntary, faith, and community-based organizations; private and nonprofit sectors; academia; military; industry; and professional associations, have been of greatest value for the development of our nation and world.

Purpose:  To celebrate and recognize women, around the world, who have made outstanding achievements and significant contributions in the emergency management professional field, to elevate the status of women and girls, or in community outreach; and to motivate and inspire young women to envision and expand their horizons and fulfill their dreams and goals as an emergency manager."

It's not clear how I appeared on their radar, but this is a high honor. Dr. Jacqueline McBride wanted first to induct me using the year 1975, but I was at that time still back in upstate New York at work in the visual arts. Though I can make a good argument that I've been a risk detective my whole life, proving that I've been responsible for emergency management functions that early would be a stretch. So we settled upon the year 2001, given that I became a senior executive with responsibilities in the area of private sector emergency management that year. The ceremonies will be held in conjunction with the IAEM 59th Annual Conference & EMEX 2011.

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