Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Princess of Darkness to Risk Detective.

Spotting our cars on the racetrack for the 2003 Zucchini Race, with Mike Spalter, infrastructure chief (a la Jerry Garcia), on the left and me on the right, as the Princess of Darkness.

Back in 2003, my nickname was "The Princess of Darkness," a title bestowed by former WaMu CIO Jerry Gross.  When asked in a managers' meeting about the condition of our earthquake preparedness in Northern California, he said in his plummy Aussie tones, "Oh, let's just get the bloody Princess of Darkness up here to answer your question."

I think my interest in dark topics preceded the nickname, but it became a way to costume myself for annual zucchini car races that kicked off the season's United Way campaign.

2007 Zucchini Races, with a colleague who also raced a car.
I kept my Princess of Darkness persona until I left JPMorgan Chase in 2009.  Shortly after I took that nickname, my husband  hand-carved a stamp for me with which I mark my books to this day.
When Carolyn Douglas interviewed me for KING-TV about my new business that June, it was my own words that created the new identity.  "Think of me as a risk detective," I said.

Now we have taken that metaphor and made it resonate throughout Advice From A Risk Detective.  I can't wait to hear what you think.

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  1. Hi Annie, sorry haven't been "Facebooking" as much as I should . . . love the picture and the "Risk Detective" title theme. Although I enjoyed working with the Princess of Darkness, I think we need a little more light/visibility in Corporations today more than ever. Hope your doing great.