Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The rhythms of publishing

I was wrong when I said last week that the worst was over. There's always always more.  A bit of exhaustion accompanies each phase of rewriting.  It is as if energy rises or falls according to what I am asking of myself and others.  Intense energy was required to drive through manuscript revisions -- thirteen of them from when the counter was turned on  -- via three different sets of critical eyes.  

Molly did an amazing job on the edits, which took more than three times the number of hours I had estimated.  Next round is Emily's, to fix technical issues and prepare the manuscript for its two trajectories, described in the last post.

Jesse Brown has a front cover design we like a lot.  He will be working on the interior design, which while the book is out for review.  Then the last step before sending it off to CreateSpace will be to design the back cover of the book, selecting blurbs and nailing other details down.

We're still ahead of schedule.  I say that somewhat tentatively.

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