Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Nearly One Year Later....

Reading many newspapers every day is a herculean task.  Now add a number of blogs written by esteemed colleagues and a range of new articles from peers, and new books in the field of risk or ethics or American government as they are published.  You get the picture, I think -- and that's the main reason I have been so inattentive to both this blog and my personal blog in the past several years.

I've had a lovely academic year (September 2018-June 2019), piloting a new course on emerging cyber trends that I'll teach again twice next year and doing some serious rework on four other courses that I've taught for some years.  Risk Reconsidered appeared last summer; and this summer I'll be working on two new volumes -- rewrites and adds for a third edition of Advice From A Risk Detective; and, along with editor Emily Oxenford Hayes, producing the fifth volume in the Reflections on Risk series of 24 or so research notes, written primarily by my students.

I'm also going to be updating content on both the ASA website, as well as on this blog, and my personal blog.

And, to top it all off, we're building a studio in the back yard.  We have the permit in hand, I've had all trees, shrubs, bushes and flowers removed or relocated from the south side of the garden-- and the locations where the support beams go were marked off this afternoon.  We are so lucky to have such brilliant experts working with us again. I'll continue the story of the studio on I personal blog, but here are both Eugene Morris, the architect (left); and Gary Brownlee, the builder (right), with Tautegory founder Leroy Searle.  Today we enjoyed a small repast in the garden after their measurement labors.